Frequently asked questions about WPC decking.


Plastic wood not only familiar with the appearance and feel of solid wood flooring,
Also has good moisture resistance, acid, fungi,
Anti-static, anti-moth-eaten and others,
And plastic wood products high anti-fire performance, non-polluting,
Pollution-free, recyclable.

1. which colors to choose from, need to brush the paint?

Unlike wood, WPC does not require paint to have a wide range of colors to choose from (sometimes the color varies depending on the price). And because of the special plastic molding process and anti-UV material, making it does not exist fade problem.

2.WPC is more flammable than wood?

WPC profiles are C-grade building materials that burn like wood. After the combustion characteristics of experiments, WPC is not burning more than wood. WPC burning temperature needs to reach 86 degrees.

3.Need quarantine at export? Do you need to fumigate? Need special certificate?

Not required, unlike natural wood, due to the special process and formula of WPC, it is exempt from fumigation when exporting. No special supporting documents are needed.

4.What is the service life of WPC?

According to test information, plastic wood under normal conditions of life of up to 25 years.

Plastic wood is widely used outdoors, and most of them are used in densely populated public places, always subject to the flow of people and the environment test, in this high-density occasions, plastic wood life expectancy can reach 5 years, when used in private places or Where people have less traffic, WPC can last up to 10 years.

5.WPC is an environmentally friendly material? How to deal with the waste of wood-plastic profiles? Will waste plastic wood pollute the environment?

The environmental protection significance of WPC is multiple, which consumes waste plastics and wood flour that pollute the environment on the one hand, and saves valuable natural resources in large quantities because it can effectively replace the outdoor use of wood. Because it does not contain any toxic components, it can be treated in the same way as other common construction wastes without any environmental pollution. Can be recycled.

6.WPC profiles can be used to do structural parts?

Can not. Although ordinary plastic wood profiles have high strength and toughness, but do not have the same rigidity as wood, it can not be used as structural parts. However, modified glass fiber reinforced plastic wood with high rigidity, can be used for structural parts.

7.Cryogenic weather will have an impact on WPC?

WPC performs well even in low temperatures, however, because plastic wood accounts for more than 50% of its composition, it is harder to punch holes in extremely cold weather, in which case we recommend prior drilling.


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