WPC fence becoming a beautiful city landscape


In recent years, the wide application of WPC materials, plastic wood fence become one of the key green energy-saving environmental protection products, it overcomes the deficiencies of natural wood, combines all the advantages of wood and plastic,is the Excellent surrenal product for wood and treated wood . Plastic wood fence with natural wood lines, color, feel and polymer materials unique waterproof, fire, moth, pest control, anti-termite, anti-UV, acid and alkali resistant, non-toxic, paint-free once molding features. WPC products with strong toughness, no distortion, no cracking, noise, heat insulation, thermal insulation and other properties. Plastic wood fence product processing is simple and convenient, beautiful appearance, easy installation, easy maintenance, efficient and efficient; plastic wood fence of its bright color, no maintenance, home improvement, garden facilities and other indoor and outdoor products ideal material.

In particular, the WPC has the advantage of no requiring paint and is easy to maintain and therefore makes it another important area for WPC applications like fence. Especially in North America, plastic wood rails and plastic wood flooring supporting the construction of the terrace is one of the main purposes. In addition, plastic wood fence is also used in tourist areas, parks and residential areas as a fence and so on. The application of plastic wood fence is also one of the key application fields of wood plastic composite material. Mainly used in tourist areas, residential quarters, streets, water pavilions, corridors, green belt and outdoor power facilities and other security; also be used as building isolation facilities or enclosure. Common in Europe and the United States and plastic wood plank combination, built villa terrace.

Patio guardrail
In North America, the guardrail of the terrace is one of the most widely used fields. With the improvement of the performance and design and construction level of the wood-plastic composites, the application in this area has also started to develop. In recent years, plastic wood has been widely used in garden villas wall panels, floors, balconies, terraces, windows and doors, outdoor fencing, indoor and outdoor decoration.

Bridge plastic fence
With the mechanical properties of WPC and the improvement of the architectural design and construction, the application of plastic Fence in the bridge is also gradually widespread. For roads and bridges, clean and spacious streets with bright and beautiful fence, shine with each other, build a beautiful landscape, add luster to our city; let’s high-grade urban construction to a new level.

Security fence
The use of plastic wood materials green, water corrosion-resistant features of public facilities program design, public facilities design to overcome the design object in the open situation, the face of the sun and the rain often appear corrosion, cracking and other issues, and more environmentally friendly , Sturdy and durable, according to whether the line of sight can be blocked WPC fence is divided into closed, semi-open and open three; according to their use can be divided into barrier and ornamental fence.

The main function of WPC fence used in urban landscape is safety and beauty, of course, including the role of barrier space. Due to the fence in the outdoor, you need to suffer long-term wind and rain. Therefore, the fence material should have anti-aging, easy to repair and other properties, and these properties of plastic wood materials are fully equipped. In addition, plastic wood fence also reflects the city’s culture, enhance the city’s image. The plastic wood material can give people the impression of combining the natural and the modern, is the best choice for urban landscape wall materials. At the same time, we will bring an environmentally friendly green design concept to everyone and let us pay attention to and care for this earth together.


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