Focus on WPC decking modeling and color design is the future direction of development

In recent years, the modeling and color design of WPC products have become the focus of attention in the field of product design. The existing WPC products have a single shape and a simple structure. The appearance color basically retains the original color of WPC. Monotonous appearance difficult to meet consumer demand for change and diversity. Therefore, people began to study the modeling and surface color design of plastic-wood decking, which has far-reaching theoretical value and practical application value for the development and application of new products in this industry and also has certain reference value for the design of other forms of plastic wood products.

According to the research on the surface color of plastic-wood floor, the researchers determined the color of the plastic-wood floor coordinated with the environment by extracting the main colors of all kinds of places and using the theory of color collocation. Plastic wood decking surface Coloring method, the influence of coloring methods such as brushing, spraying and hot coating on the coloring effect, color difference value and color semi-solidity were analyzed by the methods of colorimetry and color fastness test. The results show that the coloring effect, color difference value and color fastness all show: Brush coating> Spray coating> Hot coating, spray coating and hot coating are not suitable for the plastic wood floor coloring method, brushing more suitable for plastic wood floor Surface coloring. The study also made a study on plastic wood floor modeling and surface color design, but for a wider range of plastic wood product forms, its shape is still relatively simple, so it is necessary to understand the performance of wood plastic materials based on the further development of new Suitable for plastic wood materials modeling methods; in its color research, the selection of the best coloring methods and coloring performance evaluation and other aspects are further in-depth study and practice.

In addition to the use of qualitative and quantitative modeling design methods, but also consider other requirements of the floor, such as practical places, the use of objects, foreign use of WPC products earlier, more industrial products than Many, they are in all kinds of plastic wood products to maximize the plastic wood material to maximize the characteristics of requirements, such as plastic wood flooring modeling methods.

WPC decking as a kind of surface decoration materials, has been affected by the impact of wood flooring, some designers always learn from solid wood flooring, laminate flooring,  and other design requirements, technical specifications into the clever design. But the colorful plastic floor, a large choice of colors. Both with natural wood texture and wooden texture, but also according to their own personality to customize the color you want. Pay attention to plastic wood floor shape and color design is the future direction of development.

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