New developing direction of WPC material

WPC as a new type of environmentally friendly materials in the development has more than 10 years, both market size and scale of development, plastic wood should be relatively fast development of an industry, of course, in the development process also encountered To a lot of problems, there are technical aspects, quality problems and improper construction and others. In the next few years, the technological breakthroughs in plastic wood materials and the broader market applications should have what direction, which is what we usually say the three generations of plastic wood should be the development of what technology breakthrough.

WPC materials should be said that in this more than 10 years of development, are now going through the following two stages
1) The end of the last century – 2010: the period of introduction, reflected in: product positioning is not clear; technology, immature formulations, upstream and downstream facilities imperfect; users do not know;
2) From 2011 to now: Growth period is reflected in: Product positioning is clear: mainly outdoor decorative materials, accounting for more than 90% of the total; Process and formulation are mature; Upstream and downstream facilities include plastic, wood flour and additives; Molds and auxiliary equipment have made great progress; the standard is basically perfect; the user accepts that the market both at home and abroad has shown a rapid growth trend. After 2014, the growth has been particularly noticeable and the domestic policies have guided the development.

Before we talk about the technical innovations of the three generations of plastic wood, let me first tell a little story. Looking at the development of a technology or a kind of technology, we all encounter unidirectional problems to solve the problems so that the performance of the products is improved. It is more convenient to use. We all know that the invention of steam engine makes the process of human civilization greatly improved. However, when the steam engine was first invented, the energy loss was also very large due to the airtightness problem. The large-scale use was to The discovery of rubber on the American continent made this central issue a proper solution.
Three generations of WPC products should be along the solution to the current plastic wood material density, high linear thermal expansion coefficient, the problem of poor creep resistance, the total customer to be reserved for retractable space, which wear steel pipe, and the material is too heavy, transportation and installation unchanged A series of questions.
Here the coextrusion foam PE plastic wood technology should be three generations of plastic wood breakthrough direction, which can effectively solve the above problems, but here are many companies have done this technical test feedback information: 1, after the high-filling wood powder , PE plastic wood foam technology, poor stability, and foam strength of the material is not enough; 2, if a small amount of filling, foam stability and strength can be properly resolved, but its significance is not significant.
These problems should be breakthrough PE foam technology and the strength of the difficulty, the difficulty is the same as the above steam engine problems, can not be the original traditional thinking to solve the problem, we need to jump out of the pattern, as far as I understand the current domestic Several enterprises to effectively solve this core technology should be related to the mold, formulating, raw materials, technology and machinery, and many other aspects of the common improvement and coordination here about the direction of the development of the three generations of wood broadly talked about so much if there are some Test or technical achievements in this area are welcome to discuss with us.

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